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Nothing brings people together quite like a little wine and a little work—teamwork, that is! Wine & Design’s Team Building division combines working together and artistic creativity. We provide an inspiring space for co-workers to collaborate and create a masterpiece in an energetic environment.


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Create Art and Build Your Team

Our program offers a social, relaxed setting to conduct team building and productivity exercises tailored to your team, group, or company. At our site or yours, we can help you get the most out of your team!

We Can:


Accommodate groups ranging from small teams to entire companies


Build a program to suit your needs by offering flexible scheduling, class lengths and pricing


Incorporate one of our Art Breakers and other team building exercises


Host at your site or our studio

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Booking A Team Building Class –

Wine & Design’s Team Building division combines working together and artistic creativity. We provide an inspiring space for co-workers to collaborate and create a masterpiece in a relaxed and energetic environment. We include exercises specifically tailored to your group, company, or team.

Required Participants

Minimum of 7 participants for an event at our studio, maximum 52 (we can hold multiple sessions if you have more than 52 people).

Minimum 10 if at another location, maximum 72 (we can do multiple sessions if you have more than 72 people).

Our Pricing

$56/person (Sunday-Friday) for a 2.5 hour event, $59 on Saturday. Team building events include our 2-hour paint event and 30 minutes of Team Building activities! These are fun, art-related activities that push your team to communicate and work together. They are upbeat, team-oriented and extremely fun and engaging. Call us for more details about our Team Building activities and “art-breakers!” You can request other types of crafts or paint events other than our typical paint events such as Paint Your Pet, Chunky Blanket, Acrylic Pour, Blacklight events and much much more. Depending on an alternate project you choose, there may be an additional cost and time added to the event. For example, Paint Your Pet Team Building is $85/person and 3 hours total. There would be an additional one-time fee if you wanted us to commission a new piece of artwork for your event. For example, if you want us to add your logo to one of our paintings, or create a unique mural based on images based on your company or interests of your employees.  (Starting at $70).

Our Options

We can do a 2.5 event in-person or Virtually. We provide all art supplies and a professional local artist to lead your team step-by-step through the artwork. You get to pick from one of three options:

  1. Individual Artist: This option is much like a standard studio class, where everyone paints the same image.
  2. Collaborative Puzzle: This option facilitates a class in which no one knows what they are painting. They follow a “paint by numbers” type class and in the end, they are given the opportunity to rearrange their canvases to create one large image. This option is great for businesses that want to display one large installment of smaller canvases that create one image.
  3. Other craft such as Chunky Blanket ($105/person), painting on wine glasses ($67/person), and much much more!

Our Travel Policy

We can travel to your workplace for this event, or host you at our studio. If we come to you, we will bring plastic sheets to protect your floors and tables and clean up afterward.

Our Availability

We are available 7 days a week, any time of day for you! Please call/email us for artist availability.

Our Food/Beverage Policy

If you come to our studio, you have the added benefit of a full bar offering wine, beer, cocktails and mocktails. We can prepare our special house sangria on request (48 hours notice required). We offer some small sweet and salty snacks, but you are also welcome to bring your own food. Please let us know if you will need a table for food setup.

Class Time

That’s up to you! We will help you pick the appropriate painting for a 2.5 or 3 hour event. We will incorporate 1-2 “art-breaker team building” activities depending on the amount of time. You get 30 minutes before your event to set up food/decorations (if desired). For additional time in-studio, please request to ensure we have time. Additional time in-studio is $50/half hour.

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Heather Reed Studio Owner

[email protected]


Facebook or IG – @wndmadisonwi

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