No School Days are the BEST days

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What can we say… just too cute! Today was a No School day and these little artists brightened my day. 


Painting with kids is a very special time because they love colors and have a lot of fun mixing and blending different shades. To kids, art is experimental and they love the process as much as their final painting. 


Kids are also pure in their expressive joy about being creative. Painting gives them the freedom to be themselves. They experience that there are no mistakes and their painting only has to be loved by them.


Interestingly for me, the kids were very supportive of each other and interested what others have done. They did not see if a painting had brushstrokes a little over the lines or if the blending was not perfect. They saw the beautiful colors or brushstrokes that looked like fun dots. They saw the owl come together with lots of character and they celebrated the differences as being original and unique to the painter who created them.  It was a group that constantly got up to check each other's progress and be really enthusiastic in their feedback to each other. 

Truly an amazing morning at Art Buzz Kids and they definitely brightened my day!

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