New chunky knit blanket workshops perfect for fall

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NEW to our studio: the softest, coziest chunky knit blankets. Oh yes, you heard that right.

Six skeins of chenille yarn come together in an easy-to-do knit pattern for a beautiful throw blanket. We will show you every loop and every stitch. You don't have to know how to knit, you will learn everything to complete a beautifull blanket. Our class is three hours and we host classes every month, a perfect mother and daughter experience, sisters getting together or besties.

You can customize your pattern and color choice to fit your home, and we show you the rest. It makes for a lovely gift for any occasion (especially with fall coming up). But it's also a great 'treat yourself' craft, all while sipping some wine.

Sign up on our calendar and DIY! Book a class here.

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