Changing your favorite room for the seasons

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I was walking the dog before comingto the studio a couple of mornings ago and felt a cooler air all around me, the first signs of autumn. Then, my daughter asked me in the following days when I would decorate for fall. So, maybe she had felt it, too. Fall decorations in my house means placing some pumpkins for decor on the mantle and dried flower arrangements on the dining room table and burn pumpkin spiced candles. However, in my art studio I changed out many of the summer art for pumpkin paintings, landscapes with fall foliage and a fall owl or two. So, I started to think how easy it would be to give your favorite room a little seasonal change simply by changing the art on the wall and the next morning I found my inspirations for my fall decor with a little paint and a paint brush. Check out how this Interior Designer blogger changes her little cottage for the seasons. Happy Decorating for Summer!


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