Raise a Glass for World Art Day

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Art is something worth celebrating! Not only is it fun to create, it’s actually good for you too. There’s no better time because today, April 15th,  is World Art Day! The 22 year old holiday is also a celebration of Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, so it’s the perfect time to put brush to canvas and get creative.

Though all of us find ourselves skipping our usual rounds this year, there’s still tons of fun ways to celebrate World Art Day online. Virtual tours of famous art museums, online plays and concerts, and even painting tutorial videos are a great way to spend the day — of course, you’ll need to bring your own bottle to these events!

Rest assured, creating and studying art is a very productive way to spend your down time. There are many benefits to gain, including an improved mood, increased sense of creativity, a release for tensions and frustration, an improved ability to concentrate, more motivation, and higher self-esteem. It also certainly doesn’t hurt to have some lovely pieces for your home which you can be proud to look at and display.

For parents, it’s a great time to celebrate art at home with the kids. Learning about and creating art is great for them as well, offering a lot of the same benefits. It’s especially important in the classroom, and can contribute to future academic success, including an improvement in behavior in class, greater willingness to participate, and a greater likelihood of higher education.

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