Summer Camp 2023 Recap

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Making Binoculars at Summer Art Camp in Montclair, NJ

Let’s celebrate all of the amazing creativity and goodwill we witnessed with your talented kiddos over our seven weeks of summer camp in 2023! We’ll be sure to channel all of our learnings into future camps, Kids’ Night Out events, and other art adventures for kids at Wine & Design Montclair.

Joy #1: We were blessed to have some of the nicest children enroll at art camp! Lots of new friendships were made.

Joy #2: We witnessed a lot of great teamwork as the kids worked together to craft amazing team projects!

Joy #3: We learned a lot about how wonderfully creative children can be when they have space, time and encouragement to try new things!

Joy #4: Your children produced some gorgeous artworks throughout our seven weeks of camp!

Joy #5: Watching our team of local artists come together to engage and encourage our camper artists was truly inspirational!

Joy #6: The kids taught us a lot about how movement, play and laughter are essential components of developing artistic skills.

Thank you, parents, and thank you, campers! We had an amazing summer!

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