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All event appointments are 1st come, 1st serve, any time & any day based on availability. Some dates sell out quickly. To reserve your spot, please pay in advance. The easiest way to reserve your spot is on our website calendar: Wine & Design Greenville, SC Calendar

Public Sessions

See online calendar to view paintings and to reserve your spot for a public session. Adult sessions are best for ages 12 & up. Bring your own beer, wine, and snacks. We do not sell beverages or snacks. We do provide plastic cups & bottle openers. Bring your own glass if you'd prefer. We do have a fridge and water fountain.

Public Adult Session: Normally held Tuesday-Sunday at 6:30pm. Occasional afternoon sessions. Cost is $35 per person. Lasts 2 hours.

Public “Date Night” Session: 1 painting on 2 canvases that fit together. Lasts 2 hours. Cost is $60 per couple.

Public Kid’s Session: Ages 4 & up. Cost is $25 per canvas (for adult or child). Lasts 1.5 hours.

Public “Paint Your Pet” Session: Normally offered once a month. You email your pet’s photo, and we make a canvas out of it! $65 per person. Lasts 3 hours.

Private Sessions

Private parties can be held any day and anytime based on availability. We have 2 party spaces in our studio allowing for 2 parties to be booked at the same time. $33 per person w/ a 9 person minimum & 45 person maximum. Session lasts 2.5 hours. (Must submit “Private Party Save the Date Form” to reserve date. Call 864-288-1260 or email [email protected] to check availability.)

Private Adult Birthdays

Private Holiday Parties  (Book far in advance. Holidays fill up very quickly.)

Private Baby Showers & Wedding Showers

Private Bachelorette Parties

Team Building Sessions

Sessions for workplace groups $35 per person with a 10 person minimum. Lasts 2.5 hours. Day and evening times available. Call 864-288-1260 or email [email protected] for availability.

Art Buzz Kid’s Birthday Parties

Fun parties for children! $250 for 10 kids & $15 for every additional kid. 24 kid maximum. Lasts 2 hours. 

On Wheels Sessions

We bring the paint party to you! Parties for church groups, neighborhood clubhouses, businesses, restaurants, etc. $40 person with a 12 person minimum + $50 travel fee. Session lasts 2.5 hours.

Wine & Design Provides: Aprons, Table Cloths, and Art Supplies (Canvases, Paint, Easels, Brushes, Water Vases)

You Provide: Beverages, Snacks, Tables & Chairs

Wine & Design sets up and cleans up everything we provide.

You set up and clean up everything you provide.



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