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"The picture that we were to paint was a magnolia wreath! The paint colors, canvas, brushes and a apron were set up at every seat. Leah guided us stroke by stroke while we all painted our own masterpiece! This was so much fun and Leah was such a great teacher! I can't wait to go back with my mom!"

"Surprisingly fun!!! I was apprehensive about this event but I am so glad I joined! This is a great way for the artistically challenged like myself to try painting. The painting part couldn't be easier. I love how everything is laid out for you. The starting sketch on the canvas was also much appreciated. Our teacher was very nice and kept things really simple for us. She mingled around offering one-on-one help as needed and I never felt rushed. There were great tunes playing in the background. It's a great concept and the prices I saw on the website seem very reasonable. I will definitely recommend this to others."


"This was a super fun event! It was so different from just going to a new restaurant and I really enjoyed going somewhere I had never been before! I have never been to a wine and paint class at all. The set up was super cute and the location is really easy to find. "

"Lovely event! I had so much fun painting and i found out i was not that bad at it. We had an amazing instructor, the environment was comfy and cozy. "

"I had never done a painting class before. It has been a long time since I picked up a paint brush to paint something other than a wall. This was a fun experiment for me! "

"What an amazing night ! I brought a friend and we had a blast . My Christmas Wreath was fun to paint , we were given easy instructions , if you follow them , and great music to sing along with. I am much better at drinking wine than painting but it was so fun . I will be back and soon ! I can totally see where a girls night or a birthday party would be fun . "

"The artist/instructor and staff were so very cordial, and genuinely glad to have us as their guests. We shall return–SOON. "

"Hanging out with other fun people I didn't know was cool because everyone was in a good mood due to wine, treats, and fun music. I would definitely be back and recommend to friends and family. I already hung my art on the wall. Can't wait till next time! "

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