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Meet our instructor, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth is passionate about teaching children, teenagers & adults of any age! She chooses to teach in group settings that are the at-risk youth, the adults needing that extra help in doing better for themselves. That person that needs to listen or see, instead of always offer the advice.

Elizabeth, when referring about teaching, states, “These are my students that I grow & feed from by interacting with, sometimes learning more from them! I am honored to give them the experience, education, art background, materials, meanings and how to illustrate that into the development of meanings onto a piece of art that I have pouring out of me.

I love being able to teach how & why matching individual needs to what they have been through and show each student how they can help themselves create to heal.

Based on what I have taught about, tackled within my years of teaching, been hired for and dedicate myself to strive to reach 100%  personal exceptionality daily for them no matter what they will be able to go through this course with a skill set of caring for themselves via 4 pieces of artwork that will help them visually see ways of doing so.  

Throughout her life, through her own personal journeys, Elizabeth has now been able to bring her higher education & her art education backgrounds as well as personal life journey of study, readings, as well as living her personal life to help in developing this 4 part series.

“ -She-was definitely the reason behind opening my eyes to art. She pushed me to do things I had never tried & to think outside the box”. -Former student

“At one point, being so disappointed…I threw my art away.  She reached out to me and said, never be disappointed in my work but to learn from it, and grow as an artist and as a person.”    “She then handed me the art I had thrown away-I was shocked, she went and got it out of the garbage days before when I had thrown it away, saved it for me, and taught me again how to be better for myself.”-Former student

“She guided me and watched me grow”-Former student

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