Art for the Heart & Mind

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Are you ready to explore Art for the Heart & Mind?
Join our artist, Elizabeth, on a 4 week course for the heart and mind using the POWER of ART. Take a personal journey boosting your morale thru positive deep internal work, learning new ways to reduce stress and create mindfulness, to be present in your own life. Let us guide you on a path to recognizing your worth & achieving your best through self development using sensory work, group activities, and expressive art.

Your dedication to the 4 part series is essential, as each session will build upon your development from the last. Inner and outer work will consist of mindfulness exercises focusing on your breath, acknowledgement of your thoughts, discussing ideas, writing, drawing, crafting multi-media projects and painting. You will begin to learn how to express yourself from inward to outward to help see your life achievements, watch your growth, and rejoice in your successes. Symbolism, literal images, multiple art mediums & art styles will be taught. 

Series is $180 ($45 per session). $100 Deposit. 
For full class description and to Reserve your Spot click link.

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