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Ask Wine & Design franchisee Joshua Wade what he loves about the paint and sip concept and the first thing he’ll mention is the customers. Providing studio patrons with an experience that is as unforgettable as it is fun is Wade’s passion, and it shows in the success he’s been able to generate at his two Wine & Design franchise locations in North Carolina, one in Morehead City
and the other in Emerald Isle.

“I think we get a really unique opportunity to build some awesome connections with people in our community,” Wade said of Wine & Design. “Customers can come in and let go of whatever problem they have in their lives, have some wine and paint. We get to work with customers and bring them joy through artistic expression at the studio.”

This love of providing top-notch customer service lends itself to an exceptionally hands-on approach. Indeed, one would say that Wade, who worked in special education at the elementary school level prior to franchising with Wine & Design, is the antithesis of a hands-off owner. His
two studios keep him quite busy, as he spends at least eight hours a day, if not more, handling day-to-day operations.
“I think that’s why my studios have grown the way they have—being present and working with your team to create an amazing experience for customers is a big part of being a successful Wine & Design franchisee,” Wade said.

Wine & Design has come a long way since it was founded in 2010. The paint and sip brand, which began franchising in 2011 and scored major industry recognition when it was featured on “Shark Tank” in 2017, has more than 80 locations across 21 states with even more in development.

Wine & Design also has the largest catalog of paintings in the paint and sip space, plus five distinct branded divisions that fall under one franchise fee: Art Buzz Kids, Team Building, D.I.Y., On Wheels and Paint it Forward. The brand is about to meet another major milestone: Wine & Design is currently getting ready to unveil new headquarters in its founding city of Raleigh.

Beyond the operations aspect of Wine & Design, much of Wade’s days are devoted to marketing the business and researching new activities he can offer in his studios. As far as longer-term projects go, the Wine & Design corporate team gives franchisees goals to reach every month.

“We recently focused on reaching out to businesses to let them know about the Team Building exercises we offer,” Wade said. “We sent mail out to local businesses and followed up with phone calls and in-person visits to get our name out there.”

And, of course, there are always classes to teach. Wade’s studios place particular emphasis on the brand’s Art Buzz Kids division, which focuses on art opportunities for the under-21 crowd. His locations host anywhere between 20 to 30 children’s birthday parties a year and also run summer, winter and spring camps. “Art Buzz Kids is a huge part of we do at Morehead City and Emerald Isle,” Wade said. “I really love working with the kids.”

Not only does Wine & Design provide a fun franchise opportunity, but it also provides local artists a chance for full-time employment and a regular income stream in an industry that does not usually have one. Wade manages six artists between his two locations and works closely with them to cover events.

“Just last weekend, five of us worked different events around the county,” Wade said. “We try to tackle as much as we can. There are times when it’s definitely all hands on deck and there’s never a dull moment.” Wade’s hands-on approach includes filling in for other artists, both in the studios and at events.

This is no accident. “I want to make my artists happy,” he said. “If I make them happy, they’ll provide a better customer experience.” With a true passion for the paint and sip concept and for providing customers with a feel-good
experience, Wade is representing Wine & Design well in the Tar Heel State.

By: Christina Merrill

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