Planting Love this Mother’s Day

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flower pot for mother's day

Is it any wonder that we celebrate Mother’s Day in the spring? What better time to honor the mother’s in our lives than the season for birth and new beginnings? In the spirit of the season of creation, this mother’s day Wine and Design wants to encourage you to get outside and do something creative for the mom’s in your life.  After all, we were all once but blank canvases before our mother’s physical creativity and strength brought us into the world.


A mother’s task in raising her children brings to mind words such as dedication, nourishment, growth and encouragement.  These words can most certainly be applied to gardening as well, and DIY gardening gifts are a great way for you to enjoy the gifts of spring while creating a gift yourself.


Recent light shed on horticultural therapy has shown that gardening reduces stress and calms the nerves. The practice of grounding allows you to use the earth’s energies to balance your own so that you may offer yourself to the world in the most efficient way possible. What better way to “ground” yourself than to do as the name implies and get your hands right into the source?


Here is a DIY gardening gift idea to get your creativity and the earth churning:



Materials Needed:

  1. 1 large clay pot
  2. 1 small clay pot
  3. small vase or glass hurricane
  4. gravel
  5. potting soil
  6. container flower of your choice (choose one that will stay low and trail over the side of the pot)



  1. Fill the large pot ½ way with soil.
  2. Fill the small pot with gravel about an inch or so from top
  3. Place the small pot in the center of the large pot and push down to make sure that its level.
  4. Add your flowers to the large pot, filling the space with additional soil.
  5. Put the candle in the vase and place on top of the gravel in the small pot.



You can even take the project one step further and paint the pot before you begin planting. If you have kids, have them paint their own pots and let them plant alongside you. What grandmother wouldn't’t be proud to have that on her patio?!


We hope this inspires you to share the gifts that Mother Nature provides for us with your own mom. If gardening isn't’t your thing then consider taking her to a nature inspired class at Wine and Design or getting her a gift certificate to come paint and allow her own creativity to bloom. Allow your connection to the earth and natural creativity to flower into love this spring. From all of us here at Wine & Design, Happy Mother’s Day!

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