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This year has been a year of change. Of growth, of learning, and re-learning…adapting and re-adapting to the ever shifting world.

Our business may have changed from hosting 80 classes and parties a month to lots virtual events, shipping paint kits all over the country, and hosting small group classes. Our staff may look a little different with their masks and social distancing.  Our classes may be smaller, more spread out, and smell like sanitizer.

But what has not changed is our love for our customers, and our focus on customer service.  As a result of these crazy times, we’ve been more aware than ever of our world’s need for creativity, for joy, and for positivity, and we are more determined than ever to provide that!

Last week, we received a handwritten note attached to an easel rental return  that was dropped off outside our studio that made reminded us just how grateful we are for our community. It reads:

“Thank you so much for the use of these easels. We (my father, brother and I) did this project in honor of my mother who passed away this time last year and who enjoyed many a Wine and Design. It was a fitting tribute, and we’re grateful for the experience, though our paintings would never be as good as Mom’s. A big kudos to the instructor, Bethany!”

This is our why. This is why no matter what, we at Wine & Design Cary will continue to strive to be there for you, to provide you with excellent experience and excellent customer services, by real life artists who care a whole, whole lot.

Thank you, Cary. We love you.

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