25 Female Executive Share Inspirational Quotes From Their Moms for Mother’s Day

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Harriet Mills & Abbie Mills

Originally shared on Swaay.com

"To be a powerful female, chances are you were inspired by another powerful female: Your mom. In honor of Mother’s Day, we chatted with a bunch of kick-ass lady bosses and asked them about what their own mom had taught them that ended up being the key to their success. You’ll learn a lot from these amazing women!

#7 Harriet Mills, CEO and Founder of Wine & Design


“You have one reputation and that is all.” This is why I’m never quick to judge and respect everyone I encounter. My mom has taught me good reputation not only facilitates engagement, competitive advantage, resiliency to non-supporters, but it also creates opportunity for growth. And to me, self-growth is what ultimately fuels me to live a better and true life."


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