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Kids have an endless and overflowing amount of energy. It shows in their imaginative play and their innate ability to make something out of nothing. For kids, art is an amazing outlet to channel that boundless energy into something creative. Crafts allow kids to explore, imagine and create something all their own that they can be proud of. It fosters creativity, confidence, focus and problem solving. The benefits are endless!

With school out for summer and with kids bursting with a need to be active, here are 3 painting ideas that are fun, affordable and easy to do at home. Spark kids’ creativity and imagination while keeping them active and learning! No numbers or letters needed, just a paintbrush and a blank canvas.

1. Rock painting


Turn rocks into art animals, houses, ladybugs and butterflies with paint! It’s perfect in adding a splash of fun in the garden or a great summer activity for the family. Simply find a rock, stone or pebble of your choosing and paint whatever you envision it to be!

2. Squirt gun painting

Kids are going to have a blast with squirt gun painting! An inexpensive art project for the outdoors, water gun painting gets kids creative while having fun and being active. Line up a canvas, fill up a water gun with paint, and fire away!

3. Bubble blower painting

Let kids create cool abstract art with bubble painting! With just three ingredients (tempera paint, dish soap and water), this fun bubble blower painting will have kids spellbound.

For additional fun activities, visit your nearest Wine & Design and sign-up for Art Buzz Kids for family friendly painting and craft classes for kids of all ages!

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