Private Party Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How does Wine & Design work?

A: You'll be taught a step-by-step 2hr acrylic painting from one of our local artists and will leave with your own masterpiece!! NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NEEDED! We specialize in beginners and skeptics, we promise 🙂

Q: Do you have a minimum for a private party?

A: Yes, we have a minimum of 8 people for in private parties in studio, and 10 people for offsite private parties. 

Q: What is the cost?

A: It is $35 per person for adults and $25 per child for art buzz kids parties. Specialty classes may differ in price. Call the studio for details.

Q: Any other charges I should know about in advance?

A: We charge $35 at the time of booking an adult party to secure your spot and a $100 deposit for kids birthday parties. If the event is offsite and you live over 30 minutes from the studio, there may be an additional travel fee. 

Q: How long is the party?

A: It typically takes two hours to complete any of our paintings.

Q: What do you provide for the party?

A: We supply a pre traced 16X20 canvas, table top easels, paint, brushes, aprons, and music! Our artist will teach you step by step how to recreate your own masterpiece.

Q: Do you provide food or wine?

A: No, we do not. Please feel free to bring your own wine, beer, snacks, etc. to the studio to consume while painting. 

Q: What do I need to provide?

A: For an offsite event, we need you to supply chairs and tables for the two hour event. We will cover the tables with table cloths. For in studio parties, all you need to bring is your food, drinks, and awesome self!

Q: How do I book an event?

A: Contact [email protected]  or call 910-399-7874, and we will send you a party contract to fill out with all the party information. Once the contract is submitted you will be contacted for the host deposit of $35 and travel fee (if applies) Then the FUN part! You can pick the painting.

Q: Can I pick the painting?

A: YES! We give you access to all 5,000+ paintings. We can also suggest specific painting for your party if you would like. We will provide you with a HOST CODE you will use this code online to filter through the paintings for your party.

Q: Do you have kids paintings?
A: Yes, we have a over 1000 kids paintings to choose from

Q: What is your refund policy for private parties?

A: You MUST cancel 10 days in advance to avoid being charged the minimum for the private party of $350.00 for adult parties. And $250.00 for art buzz kids parties. We are always willing to work with you to reschedule in the event of any unforseen circumstances. 

Q: Can my party guests pay separate?

A: Yes, once the event is on our calendar we will give you a private event guest CODE that you can give to your friends. They can log onto our website and enter the code to checkout

We are looking forward to your private event!! Contact us to book your next private party! 

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