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Seeing rainbows everywhere? They’re all over the place: social media, business storefronts, t-shirts, even hair color! Rainbows signal the inauguration of Pride Month, a cultural phenomenon in June recognizing the sweeping impact LGBTQ+ individuals, advocates, and allies have on U.S. and world history. Here at Wine & Design, we’re celebrating love, acceptance, and diversity right alongside you!

Last week, franchisee Hali Crystall (pictured left) held a “Jersey Pride” event to decorate a community Pride mural in Howell, New Jersey. As a new business on the block, Hali was looking for a way to weave her studio into the fabric of the surrounding community. When she heard about the Jersey Pride Festival, she couldn’t wait to get involved. “I have always been about the love, and about letting people be with who they want,” said Hali. “So, for us to be painting at the Pride Festival, I couldn’t have asked for anything better!”

This occasion is just one of a number of parades, marches, parties, concerts, workshops and symposiums happening in the U.S. and around the world. But, the Pride movement represents much more than the flashy festivities it inspires. Hali noted how symbolic it felt to see strangers come together to create a “masterpiece mural” and celebrate their community’s diversity.


While the weather wasn’t ideal, Hali actually cited the downpour of rain as her favorite moment because her tent flooded with people who contributed to a project they might not have otherwise noticed. First and foremost, Pride Month is about fostering a community of acceptance and a culture of inclusiveness. “I did not hear one complaint or one negative comment from anyone,” said Hali. “Everyone was just happy, and I wish that is something everyone can strive to be. Life is too short to be angry and to hate.”

We congratulate Hali for celebrating her diverse Wine & Design family and local community. Let us know on Facebook (Wine & Design Corporate) and Instagram (@wineanddesign) how you’re celebrating Pride Month with the hashtag #WNDSummerLovin!

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