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Oakland Business Review: Small Business Spotlight

Wine and art bring life balance to entrepreneur

"I made a decision. My children are now old enough to know mama isn't here; and though I was successful in my sales career, I wasn't passionate about what I was selling. I felt there was something missing, and something more, I could – should! – be doing to make a difference in my family, my community." Farman explained.

No stranger to being a business owner, with her husband an independent business owner, Tina started to think about what it was that would make her happy, provide flexibility so she could be more involved with her children's lives, be self-directed, and allow her to establish more of a collective business model, where employees have a voice. And one evening, while watching TV, she hit on it. "Wine & Design" was a featured presenter on ABC's popular "Shark Tank" series. "Their pitch resonated with me – creative, fun, experiential. I love wine; I loved the idea of an art in a social setting. I loved the idea of being my own boss."

The budding entrepreneur dug in and did extensive homework. "I vetted the company; I determined who the competitors were, and signed up and went through classes to get a feel for offerings. I participated in Wine & Design's 'Discovery Day' in Burbank and met with Harriet Mills, CEO. I met with other studio owners, with customers, and with other prospective franchise owners, and the more I dug in, the more I was convinced this was the path for me. I liked what Wine & Design offered; the flexibility, and the creative nexus with painting on canvas and the availability of so many mixed media options – canvas, glasses, bottles, wood, burlap," she reflected.

CLICK HERE to read more about Tina Farman's journey and success to opening Wine & Design Oakland/Jack London in Oakland Business Review – Page 4

Learn more about Wine & Design Oakland/Jack London here:

Grand Opening Events coming soon in March 2018!

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