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Q: What is the age range of Art Buzz Kids Camps?

A: We recommend 5 and up!

Q: Can my preschooler join? What about my middleschooler?
A: Our art based curriculum does require sitting still to create art for 30-40 minutes at a time over the course of a day…so we reccomend that your child has either completed or is currently enrolled in kindergarten. While the average age of our campers is 7, we find that many older kids enjoy Art Buzz as well. Our curriculum is intended to be individually adapted to meet each child's needs, so while a 7 year old might focus more on painting leaves neatly, an 11 year old might focus on creating the shadow under the leaves. We also encourage the leadership our older campers often take while interacting with our younger campers!

Q: Should I pack a lunch or snack?
A: We break at 11:00am for lunch every day, so we reccomend packing a lunch for all campers. Please pack a water bottle as well.  Due to allergies we are a NUT FREE studio!

Q: Can I sign up for just one day?

A: YES! We offer single days for both half and full day! Single half days are $45 each. Please call the studio to sign up for a single day!  

Q: Can someone else pick up my child? 

A: Yes! Many of our campers carpool or have grandparents pick them up. We simply need parent authorization on our consent form and a valid id presented at pick-up. In the event of emergency, we can take authorization over the phone. 

Q: Do you offer single day camps during teacher workdays?

A: YES! During Traditional Teacher Workdays and some holidays (such as MLK Day) we offer a mini-camp from 9am-3pm. Keep an eye on our calander for upcoming single day camps!

Q: What kind of projects will my child do? 

A: We focus mainly on acrylic painting on canvas, but we also explore many other styles of art…including drawing, mixed-media collage, watercolor paint, colored pencil, and chalk. We also explore 3 dimensional art using recyled pieces!

Our half day campers will complete 4-5 16×20” canvases in a week (often with mixed media glued on top) and a smaller messy art day project. Occasionally we also create our own art supplies (rubber stamps, side walk chalk paint, and sketchbooks. 

Q: What will my child learn? What is the curriculum like?

A: Each week is focused around a unique, “kid approved” theme…such as “Under the Sea”, so they will have a short lesson each day about the theme. In our “Under the Sea” camp, we painted the creatures at different depths of the ocean, so each day we learned about the coral reefs, deep sea trenches, etc. Occasionally the lesson will be enriched with an online element, such as a virtual tour of a cave or a short video animation showing the oceans depths. 

In addition to the educational element, your child will learn acrylic painting fundamentals such as blending, shading, application techniques, color theory and brush handling.

Most importantly….we strive to see every child succeed and be proud of themselves in creating. The very process of creating involves problem solving, teamwork, encouragement, patience, and self confidence…all of which we love seeing kids develop and grow in!

Q: What kind of paint do you use? Is it washable?

A: We use non-toxic, fast dry acrylic paint. While it easily comes out of skin and hair, it dries quickly on clothing and can be difficult to remove once dry. We try to intervene as quickly as possible when we see a sleeve get splattered, but recommend dressing your child in clothes you don’t mind getting a little more…colorful!

Q: When can I bring my child’s artwork home?

A: We recommend leaving all your child’s painted artwork (drawings and woven crafts can go home as you choose!) at Art Buzz until your last day of camp! 

Q: Who are the instructors? 

A: All of our Art Buzz Camps are directed and led by one of our talented artists! 

Q: Can I see the projects my kids will do before I sign up?

A: Our curriculum is specifically designed for Art Buzz Kids, and due to the award winning nature of our program, we do not release our curriculum online. However, we will ocassionally offer short descriptions of some of the projects we create in our calander descriptions! We promise, your child will love it!

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