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We will now hold Open Studio each night at 6pm in conjunction with the regualr public class at 6:30. 

This Open Studio class takes place in the same space as our regular public class. But have no fear…the instructor will trace your canvas, pour your paint, and will help you as needed.

Open Studio is recommended for those with some painting experience or those possessing an adventurous nature! This is more of an independent painting experience. Because everyone in Open Studio chooses a different painting, this class does not follow our usual step-by-step teaching format. Our instructors are happy to get you started, answer any questions you have, and check in on your progress regularly. We'll be here to show how to get through any hurdles or answer any question you have, however you work at your own pace on whatever piece you'd like.

Please arrive by 6:00 to choose your painting.

Advance ticket purchase IS REQUIRED to secure your seat!


Find an Open Studio night that by visiting our Calendar of Classes



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