Wine & Design Hickory, NCQuestions

Do you provide or sell wine?

No. We do not provide or sell alcohol. We are strictly a “bring your own” studio.

You are welcome to bring beer, wine, cider, and champagne (but no liquor).

Guests must be 21 years of age to consume alcohol.

How long is a class?

Step- by- step painting classes are approximately 2 to 2 ½ hours long. Occasionally some paintings take longer, but that will be noted in the description for that particular class. 

Open Studio classes are 2 hours long.

Can I bring my child to an adult class?

Most evening classes are ADULT painting party, and recommended for ages 18+ and up! Anyone under the age of 18, MUST be accompanied by an adult!

We do not recommend anyone under the age of 15 attend adult painting class due to the difficulty of the paintings, that other painters will be consuming wine and other adult beverages, and that small children tend to be a distraction to the class and artist.

How many tickets do I need to buy for Date Night?

Each Date Night ticket is for TWO painters. You will only need to purchase ONE ticket for you and your date.

How do I book a class?

We do require pre-registration for all classes through our website. Please check out our calendar of classes at the link below. Click on the image on the calendar for more details and to register for that class.


What is the difference between artist lead and open studio classes?

Open Studio is independent painting. You will pick a painting from our gallery (NOT including pet portraits) that we will trace onto a canvas for you and we will provide you with paint and all the necessary painting supplies. Open Studio is recommended for those with some painting experience or those possessing an adventurous nature! Because everyone in Open Studio chooses a different painting, this class does not follow our usual step-by-step teaching format. Our instructors are happy to get you started, answer any questions you have, and check in on your progress regularly. We’ll be here to show you how to get through any hurdles or answer any question you have, however you work at your own pace on whatever piece you’d like .


Artist Lead Classes is where everyone paints the painting shown on our calendar for that date. It is led stroke-by-stroke through the painting from beginning to end by a local artist. No artistic talent or prior painting eexperience is needed to create a painting during this class to take home. 

Can I bring food?

Yes! You are welcome to bring in snacks or a take out meal to enjoy while you paint.

Do I need to bring a bottle opener, cups, etc?

We supply the cups, bottle openers, and corkscrews for you to use.

We also have paper plates, napkins, and platic silverware for you to use as well.