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Interested in hosting a private party with us? Here's everything you need…

Minimum guest requirement:

To book a private party, you need a minimum of 7 people guaranteed.

(15 max for our small room/30 max for our large room)


$30 ea.


$30 non-refundable deposit is due at time of booking, this is NOT an additional fee, but pays for one of the 7 required guests ahead of time.

How do my guests pay?

Guests may pay online in advance via a party link given once your party is added to our calendar OR they may pay at the door at the time of the event via card/cash.

What time can we book?

* Mon.-Sat : As early as 9am start time to 6:30pm start time

* Sun. – 3pm – 5pm

Parties are 2 hours long.  We do not start later than 6:30pm

Do we choose the painting?

Yes and No.  You get the choice of doing a CLASSIC CLASS (each person paints the SAME IMAGE chosen by the host ahead of time) OR you can do an OPEN STUDIO Party (each person chooses whatever image they want to do from the walls at the time of the event).  There is no cost difference.

Is OPEN STUDIO harder?

No, all of our paintings in studio (400+) are rated based on difficulty, so each person can choose at their own level… and an artist WILL DRAW FOR YOU and aid you along the way.

What do we bring?

You can bring your own wine/beer/food/snacks, catered food, ordered food, cake, and more.  We DO NOT allow liquor.

What's included in the class?

Aprons, canvases, paints, brushes, and all other materials needed. A professional artist dedicated to your group only for 2 hours. A designated private room with seating for eating, spectating and painting, and tables for your food/drinks/cake/gifts.

Images of our party room are available upon request.

What if I don't have all 7?

Once you book your event, you are held to paying for the 6 remaing attendees after deposit at the time of the event. If you are worried about having the 7, you can certainly join any of our public classes at $35 ea.

How do I get on the books?

Give us a call or email to see our available dates and submit your deposit.

(919) 273-8007   [email protected]




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