Pets Coming Alive on Canvas

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Once a month we host a Paint a Paint event and they are always such amazing classes. People send us a color photo of their favorite animals: cats, horses, and yes, dogs–and we process these photos onto a canvas. For the next couple of weeks we are in close communication with all guests to make sure the photo of their furry friends is a good one and will work well as a painting. The greatest moment always is when our guests come to class and excitedly look for their seat with their pet looking back at them from the canvas. For the next couple of hours, our artists help our painters choose the perfect background color and then teach everyone how to  bring their pet to life with each brushstroke, giving color and texture to the fur and bringing out the facial features just perfectly.  These classes are so rewarding for everyone because their pets always look so real and gorgeous on canvas. Amazing art by our amazing painters with fabulous pets!

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