Painting Classes for all Ages

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It is no secret to us that people experience painting as a form of stress relief after a long day at work. Our guests always tell us how the class made them feel relaxed and peaceful. In a way, painting helps the mind to unwine and acts as stress relief from the many things we seem a need to juggle every day.

So, my heart rejoyced when I came across this article supported by the medical community that explains how various art activities promote a healthy engagement in life. The expressive form of art serves as an outlet for folks to be free from conventional constraints, to gain a feeling of pride through art and to experience art as an expression of themselves.

The article describes the positive effects on health and illness as our body ages. Older adults who experience difficulties of dealing with age-related decline can find a renewed sense of their self image and a more positive spirit through participatory art activities. Art is even essential for brain health and body strength.


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