Not Your Average Office Party

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At Wine & Design, we specialize in bringing people together in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. And we do this over a canvas with a brush, wine and paint playing music in the background. Sounds like fun? It really is. 

You do not have to be an artist. No matter what your background, the industry you are in or what profession you hold, we help you paint a masterpiece and give your team meeting a whole new outlook, literally. Our team building office parties are a great time for co-workers to bond, socialize and be energized and the art is a great memory of a wonderful time spent together.

You can tailor your office party with creative art breakers to loosen up the group and get the team energized for painting. These are add-on options to make your team building memorable.

For your team building activity, you may choose to paint one painting under the guidance of an artist with step by step instructions as a take-home masterpiece or you can select to paint a mural for your office event. For a mural team building activity, each co-worker paints on a single canvas following along a pre-drawn outline. The artist will guide you on brushstroke techniques and blending of paint colors pumped ahead of time for you. You will collaborate with your neighbors on color matching, continuity of images and borders. Upon completion of painting each canvas, you will assemble the canvases together to form the whole painting.

Murals are a fun activity to paint a masterpiece under the collaborative effort of each team member and they make a beautiful showpiece in the hallway, in the breakroom, or in the conference room of your office building. Your team will always remember the fun and relaxing atmosphere of a wonderful time spent together.

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