There’s No “I” in Team Building

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Planning a team building in the new year? Imagine a collaborative activity that results in a beautiful mural painting. You choose the art from a gallery of many options. Wine & Design offers choices from beautiful landscapes, amazing water scenes, cityscapes, gorgeous floral paintings, and fun animal art. You can even request a brand new concept to fit the objective for your meeting. We will prepare a montage of canvases that when staged together reveal the art as a whole. There is no "I" in this team building activity as every member paints a small canvas part of the mural, working together with others to coordinate the blending of colors from canvas to canvas. The final painting product is always a 'wow moment' and your team feels proud of their artwork together.

Wish to personalize your painting experience with a logo or motivational words in the art, no problem! We can customize your theme for the day with beautiful art. Email us for more information at [email protected]

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