Castle Creators On-Demand Workshop And Kit


Make your own Princess/Prince/Hogwarts/Disney Castle and story Imagination Kit


Design, decorate, and create your very own wooden castle and all the creatures, furniture, and lights, as well as writing and creating a "fractured fairytale" story! It all starts with "once upon a time..." You'll receive a large wooden castle (complete with an opening drawbridge and multiple staircases) and spend time designing, crafting, creating, decorating, and dreaming up the castle and all its accessories! Whether you create Hogwarts, Cinderella's castle, a super hero lair, or just something from your imagination....it's all up to you! Each kit comes with: -Wooden Castle (25"x10" opened) -Paint -Brushes -Paint Palette -Disposable Apron, water cup, paper towels -On-Demand videos for Inspiration and design goals - 18 page Work Book and Castle Blue Print - Supplies to use for wallpapering, flooring, roofing, creating furniture, tea lights, accessories, and even people and animals to live inside! This is hours of fun and a creative holiday or spring/summer break activity.