Picasso and Dali – My Master’s Inspiration

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Paris Vacation 2016

While visiting Paris in 2016, we were fortunate enough to be able to spend some time at both the Musee Picasso and at Musee Salvatore Dali – two very different museums in very different neighborhoods.  I have to say that, while I very much love alot of Picasso's abstract paintings, I actually like "Two Women" the most.  This painting makes me want to grab my best friend and go to a Paint & Sip for an evening of relaxing and painting.

We stayed in an Airbnb apartment in tne Marais area. During a brief trip in October of 2015, I stayed at a small hotel right around the corner from the Moulin Rouge in Mont Martre and I could walk to the Sacre Coeur every single night.  I also hung out every night at the Jazz Cave listening to live music played by local musicians who would just show up every night to jam. There were little kids sitting in these bars at 11PM who would go up and play.  We really need to let our kids do these kinds of things here in the US.  Kids aren't even allowed into bars after 9PM in NY.  I am not suggesting that we should let our kids drink, but you really have to go to Paris to see how much fun the kids are allowed to have, that doesn't involve spending a ton of money!  As sophisticated as Paris is, they just really know how to keep things simple!  I will add a picture of the Luxemburg Jardin, one of the beautiful parks in Paris we walked through after we visited the catacombs and ate lunch.  i am so drawn to Paris!

I am also working on getting my french passport issued. Who knows?  Maybe I will retire and open up the first International Wine & Design location.  Never Say Never!



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