First Stop Lisieux (Normandy)

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After only 3 days of visiting my cousin in Lisieux, France I started thinking about how much I will miss the view from their top floor apartment  (4th Floor) in this beautiful old timber and stone building.  During World War II, the entire town of Lisieux was destroyed by German bombs, but the french people painstakingly restored all of the buildings and the church during the years that followed. I can imagine what that must have looked like and also how much time and money it must have taken for these incredibly proud people to restore their beautiful town. Lisieux is definitely a town that I would consider living in if I decide to spend extended time in France during retirement.

I visited Carmel, Cathedral St Pierre, and Basilica St Therese and have to say that it stirred up all of the things I learned in catechism classes taken before receiving my first holy communion at St Peter Claver in Brooklyn and preparing for my confirmation ceremony at St Benedicts in Chicago.  I definitely had the urge to light a few candles to pray for my brother who suffered a mild heart attack two days ago and my crazy brother and sister who are constantly stirring up trouble in our family. 

We also drove to Viller Sur Mer, Cabourg, Deauville and Trouville and Honfleur.  These beautiful beach and port towns were so amazing with beautiful flowers everywhere and extremely clean streets.  No garbage to be found anywhere except in the proper trash receptacles and recycling bins placed everywhere.  Another thing that I noticed in all of these towns is how many beautifully manicured plants, trees and shrubs there were.  The roads leading into the towns are lined with beautiful trees and rows of tiny cars designed to use as little gas as possible because gasoline is very expensive (almost $6.00 per gallon if you convert from liters).  Brand names tend to be expensive here, but housing and food are relatively inexpensive (except for meat).

Tongith is my last night in Lisieux and I am doing a load of laundry because my Airbnb apartment in Rouen does not have a washing machine and I won't want to spend time at the laundromat while there.  I will post a beautiful picture of Honfeur when I leave in the morning.

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