A Visit to The Church of Saint_Jeanne D’Arc at the Vieux Marche

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One of the most beautiful things about visiting Rouen is the tranquility you will experiene on Sunday when all of the shops are closed and there are only a few restaurants open.  Taking a stroll from my apartment, through the park at the Abbaye, and passing all of the churches and the Cathedral du Rouen to get to the Old Market where you will find the Church of Saint-Jeanne D'Arc.  I am a not really a practicing catholic,  who attends much church, but, these beatufiul buildings full of history do make you feel like going again.  I say this now, but I know once I am back in Brooklyn, my old habit of wanting to sleep late on Sunday will probably kick in.

Rouen has by far the most churches of any town I have visited in France.  Even my aunt said she has never seen so many churches in a single place.

Friday I attended an escursion with the other Alliance Francaise students to Historical Joan of Arc.You put on a set of headphones and are guided thru several rooms to hear her story.  It really was sad to hear about how this very young girl was brave enough to lead the french solders to fight against the British who tried to pretty much take over every place in the world they step foot on.  They really believed that everything in the world should belong to them.  Very selfish and greedy people throughout history.  The catholic church also did so many terrible things throughout history.  Despite these horrible stories there are so many beautiful buikdings from the middle ages and the materials they used for clothing, decoration of the house and their gardens really are something to see.  There are so many beautiful churchs with colorful stain glass windows everywhere.

Next stop Paris…


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