2nd Day in Rouen

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What personal goals have you set for yourself?  You are never too old to pursue your dreams.

Greetings fellow art lovers!!  This is the picture I took as I was walking out of La Gare De Rouen, upon arrival in Rouen on Sunday.  The train from Lisieux to Rouen took 66 minutes and was completely empty early Sunday afternoon.  I think everyone was either still sleeping or was at home having brunch.  The first thing I notice about Rouen is how similar the architecture is to Paris and how clean the streets are every day.  This place is immaculately clean and there is a beautiful park about 2 blocks away from my apartment.  The shade from the trees serve as a wonderful canape for shade while the weather is so hot.  The temperature here is going to be more than 40 Celcius on Thursday, so I think I will stay out of the sun during the day and just study my french. 

I signed up for a 2 week intensive french course at Alliance Francaise because I have taken courses at Alliance Francaise in New York and Strasbourg in the past and their teaching methodology is similar everywhere.  I was originally placed in level B1.1 yesterday, but I struggled really hard to understand the teacher in that class and I decided to step down to level A2.3.  Today's class was soooo much better.  Yesterday the school took us on a historical tour of Rouen, to the famous cathedral and the place where Joan of Arc was convicted of heresy and burned at the stake.  Back in those days these Europeans definitely were brutal when it came to doling out punishment.  

We are experiencing a heat wave until Thursday here in Rouen, so I think I will spend the next 2 days really studying my french.  My aunt and cousin will be making the trip to Rouen this weekend to hang out with me – yeah!!  My aunt really loves visiting all of the cathedrals in France, and Rouen has alot of churches. 

Well, it's about 12:30 AM here in Rouen and I have to be up at 7:00 AM in order to do a little exercise and get ready for my class.  I will write another post on Sunday.

A demain!!


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