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IT'S HERE! We are thrilled to announce that our Summer Camps for 2019 are LIVE and open for registration!

Each week is centered around a kiddo-approved theme. And each day features a beautiful canvas painting plus additional crafts, activities, and games...all sure to ignite your child's imagination! We'll also be hosting our popular choice-based "Creative Centers", famous ''Messy Art Day'', and Art Show Day! Please pack a NUT-FREE lunch, snack, and water bottle, and dress your child in paint friendly clothes.



  • Single Days
    • Half Day 9am-1pm | $50
  • Weekly
    • Half Day 9am-1pm | $225


June 17-21 | "UNDER THE SEA" Camp!

"Dip your toes in the sea, explore the depths of the ocean, make friends with a squid and cuddle an octopus...without even getting wet or jumping into a submarine! Every day will be an exploration of a different part of our beautiful oceans and the creatures that live there!"


CLICK HERE to sign up for Under the Sea Camp!

June 24-28 | "SUPER DUPER YOU!" Camp! 

"It's a bird. it's a, it's a SUPER DUPER KID! Every kid is a super hero in their own way, and we're celebrating that this week! A week of capes, costumes, secret identities, super powers, cityscapes, sidekicks, comics, and more! We're even creating a super hero photo shoot!"


CLICK HERE to sign up for Super Duper You Camp!

July 22-26 | "CELEBRATE OUR WORLD" Camp! 

"We’ll be celebrating the unique countries and continents of our beautiful world this week! From the desert sands of Ghana, Africa, to the lush rain forests of Brazil, we’ll be exploring the entire planet without ever getting on a plane!"


CLICK HERE to sign up for Celebrate Our World Camp!

July 29-Aug 2 | "WIZARD ACADEMY" Camp! 

"Our Wizard Academy is not just for those that love art- but also for those that love magic! We will make spell books, galaxy potions, mystical wands and mandrake root bowls. No week would be complete without our very own Patronus shirts and masterpieces of wonder!"


CLICK HERE to sign up for Wizard Academy Camp!

NOTE: Full Day Registration is limited to 15 kids, so sign-up fast!  Individual days available too!